Union Cement

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Message of marketing department

Md Ashraful Islam Rana

Deputy General Manager (M&S)

Marketing Message

The construction or infrastructure sector is one of the many indicators for measuring the economic development of a country. However, Bangladesh still lags far behind in per capita annual cement consumption. Cement consumption in Bangladesh is only 210 kg per capita. Although the production capacity of our country's institutions is almost double the demand. At present, the total annual production capacity of 39 small and large cement companies active in the country is 66 million metric tons against a local demand of 34 million tons.

At present, 30 percent of the cement demand goes to various government projects, 10 percent is used for building industrial plants and the remaining 60 percent is used for private house construction in Bangladesh. Multinational companies produce about 25 percent of the cement demand and domestic companies supply the remaining 75 percent in Bangladesh. Cement manufacturers were feeling a lot of pressure in this post-pandemic scenario. They are passing tough times amidst a decline in demand from public construction in tune with the government's austerity measures and sluggish private initiatives on building homes and other facilities for inflation. We are facing all these hurdles but timely supplying cement to our consumers. We always try to provide competitive advantage to our customer. We ensure quality product and quick delivery. For that reason, we develop strong distribution network. Our Efforts are focused on delivery of quality services in all areas with the aim to add increased value to distributors’ investment and offer highest possible benefits to our customers.

“No one's need is small to us. So we are committed to deliver your cement order as soon as possible.”