Union Cement

নতুন প্রজন্মের সিমেন্ট

CEO'S Message


The objective of the great liberation war of 1971 was to improve the standard of living of the people. In order to fulfill people's dreams of a better life in the constitution, Article 15 has assigned the responsibility of fulfilling the basic needs of the people and ensuring a better life by formulating appropriate development plans. One of the determinants of improving the quality of life of the people is infrastructure development in rural and urban areas. Once upon a time, there was very little infrastructure in the rural areas of Bangladesh.

But through the massive development activities of the present government, a revolutionary change has come in the field of infrastructure everywhere in the country. Buildings should be designed and planned with environmental impact in mind and efforts are being made to find sustainable construction materials and practices. As a result, competition in the infrastructure construction materials market has increased. One of the basic building materials is cement. Hence, the cement industry is developing rapidly along with the increasing infrastructure construction activities in the country. In the last 9 years, the growth of the cement sector is 10.03 percent. Now per capita consumption of cement in the country is 210 kg. The potential of cement sector in Bangladesh is far reaching. However, import of raw materials, use of technology is major challenges for this sector. Uninterrupted supply of gas and electricity, increased government investment, removal of export barriers and easy availability of foreign loans are required for the development of the cement sector.

Union cement has the right business ethics to leverage its strengths and make optimum use of resources to become one of the most sought after business in the country. In just short of time, we have evolved in more ways than one. We are always professional, functional and excellence in all spheres. The company dynamic employees and their creative team work and workmanship integrate our divers’ strength and experience for the quality business. We hope to continue our expansion and diversification leveraging our knowledge and expertise. It is the people who deliver these and enable us to evolve and grow sustainably with confidence.

MD Daiyan Ul Islam.